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Why Choose IOPPS

Revolutionize Your Recruitment Efforts with

Are you in search of an efficient, streamlined approach to finding your ideal candidates? Look no further than, where we offer a comprehensive suite of employer tools designed to enhance your recruitment experience.

For Employers:

Effortless Job Posting: Creating and publishing job listings is a breeze on our platform. Choose to receive applications via email or seamlessly redirect applicants to a designated URL. Your job postings will quickly reach the right talent.

Impactful Company Profile Page: Leave a lasting impression on potential candidates with a branded company profile page. Showcase your unique identity by adding your logo, company information, website link, and captivating images and videos.

Centralized Employer Dashboard: Efficiency is at the core of our platform. Our Employer Dashboard offers essential tools to manage your recruitment effortlessly. Oversee posted jobs, review applications, access site analytics, and adjust profile settings—all in one place.

Team Collaboration (Subaccounts): Collaboration drives success. Invite team members to join your recruitment efforts by creating subaccounts. Your colleagues can view and post jobs on behalf of your company, expanding your reach.

Intelligent Candidate Search: Our platform boasts a smart keyword search system. It meticulously scans candidate profiles and job listings, pinpointing the right keywords to ensure you discover the most qualified candidates.

Seamless Applicant Tracking: Manage your applicants effortlessly with our "kanban" style board. Categorize applications by hiring status, gain a clear view of candidate information, streamline communication, and add notes for each application—making your recruitment process organized and efficient.

Proactive Resume Alerts: Stay ahead in your talent search with our resume alert feature. Subscribe to receive regular updates, including daily, weekly, or monthly emails with new job seeker profiles matching your criteria.

At, we are committed to equipping employers with the tools and resources they need for quick and effective candidate sourcing. Explore the future of recruiting with—a platform that simplifies hiring while maximizing your reach. Join us today and revolutionize your talent acquisition journey!

For Job Seekers:

Are you on the hunt for your dream job? At, we empower job seekers with powerful tools to streamline their job search and application process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience:

Robust Job Search: Our advanced search function allows job seekers to refine their search based on categories, locations, and salary ranges, simplifying the hunt for their ideal roles.

Effortless Application Process: We've designed our platform for simplicity. Job seekers can easily apply for jobs by attaching their resume and writing a brief cover letter, removing unnecessary complexity.

Secure Job Board: To ensure privacy, we restrict job search and viewing to registered job seekers only, creating a secure environment for your job hunt.

Convenient Social Sign-In: Simplify the sign-in process by logging in with your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google accounts, making registration quick and hassle-free.

Stay Updated with Job Alerts: Receive automated email alerts with relevant job postings matching your criteria, keeping you effortlessly in the loop.

Save and Organize Jobs: Save job listings for later reference, allowing you to revisit opportunities when you have more time to complete applications.

Time-Saving Resume Parsing: Our platform offers resume parsing to save time and improve results. It automatically fills in your online resume from uploaded files, making the application process smoother and more efficient.

Join today and embark on a better way to search for indigenous job opportunities. Your dream career is just a click away!