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Elevate your hiring game! $250.00 gets you a prime 45-day job listing. Find your next star employee with ease and access top-notch resumes directly.


Job Package Of 10 Jobs

Revolutionize your hiring with our $2500 package. Get 10 job postings, each for up to 30 days, and showcase your company's culture. We'll amplify your reach and provide direct resume access. Stand out today!


Annual (Unlimited) Job Postings

Unlock the full potential of your hiring efforts with our Annual (Unlimited) Job Postings package! With this powerful package, you'll be able to flood the job market with an endless stream of job listings for an entire year, ensuring that your organization is always at the forefront of the hiring process. Our package includes a dynamic profile that showcases your organization's unique brand, complete with images, videos, website links, and your company logo. This feature guarantees maximum visibility, making it easy for potential candidates to learn more about your organization and what it has to offer. In addition, our featured employer section guarantees maximum exposure, rocketing your visibility and giving you a head start on the competition. And with our social media sharing feature, you can amplify your job listings across all platforms, reaching the right candidates quickly and easily. Exclusive access to resumes of top-tier job seekers is another benefit of our package, giving you an edge in the hiring process. Make your next great hire with our Annual (Unlimited) Job Postings package! Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your hiring efforts.

$4,995 per year