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Sandal Translation

Calgary, AB, Canada
Our company is committed to provide quality translation and interpretation services around the province of Alberta with the head office in Calgary.

Our practiced team of certified professionals allows us to provide translation, interpretation, proofreading and editing services on any subject matter including legal or medical assessments.

 The company provides translation services to clients in Healthcare, Legal, and Community interpretation among clients who may have language barriers.

We provide services in consecutive and simultaneous mode for appointment on site (OSI), or remote over video (VRI) or telephone (OPI).

We are looking for Interpreters of Indigenous languages and I was wondering if I can find someone who could help me with that. 

Currently we are putting pressure to expand our interpreter’s network in Calgary and Edmonton for our WCB and AHS clients.

I really hope we can find help in finding someone for this position.
If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or send an email.