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Uchucklesaht Tribe Government

Port Alberni, BC, Canada

Uchucklesaht Tribe Government

The Uchucklesaht Government consists of a Legislative branch and Executive branch.

The Legislature is the body with the authority to enact, amend and repeal laws. Council exercises this power by enacting Uchucklesaht laws. Through the Uchucklesaht Laws, Council has set out the processes and procedures that it will follow in exercising its legislative authority.


Uchucklesaht Tribe has 314 Uchucklesaht enrollees/citizens, 12-14 living in the village of Ehthlateese.


The Uchucklesaht Tribe has two villages that are situated approximately 24 miles down the Barkley Sound, southwest from Port Alberni. The first village is immediately past the Uchucklesaht Inlet on the West side of Barkley Sound, named "Cowishulth". The second village is located at the head of Uchucklesaht Inlet and is named "Hilthatis".