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The Friends of The Broadway Theatre Inc. (FOBT) is a registered non-profit, community-based organization that operates a 430-seat community arts and culture centre for live music, film, dance, theatre and more. The Broadway Theatre has won 15 awards locally and nationally, earning a reputation in arts and culture that extends beyond the city and country. Pre-COVID, the Theatre served over 80,000 people a year and had an annual budget approaching $2 million.

Our Vision

To be a leader and builder of the arts within our community, and to be a leader and builder of community through the arts.

Our Mission

To educate, entertain and inspire our community through artistic, cultural and organizational leadership.

 Our Values

  • Accessibility:​ ​creating a sense of belonging through​ ​cultural, physical and social accessibility.
  • Community:​ reflecting its needs and aspirations while enabling new voices and possibilities to emerge.
  • Respect:​ ​authentic, respectful engagement with all parts of the community.
  • Creativity and Innovation:​ ​approaching everything we do with an imaginative spirit and our minds open to new possibilities.
  • Truth and Reconciliation:​ ​integrating, the principles, values and Calls to Action of the

Commission into the Theatre’s culture, programming and operations and embracing the future that they seek to create. 

  • Ethical Leadership: ethical leadership pervades all aspects of the organization.
  • Inclusiveness: a culture of equity and openness to all members of our community.