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Clay and Paper

Toronto, ON, Canada

Clay and Paper Theatre (C&P) has been creating highly original, multi-disciplinary, image-based plays, pageants and parades with and for the community for 25 years, using narrative theatre and large-scale puppetry to tell today’s urgent stories. C&P has been the resident theatre company of Dufferin Grove Park since 1994, making art accessible-to-all, building/rehearsing/performing productions in public space and in full public view, always offering Pay-What-You-Can performances and free Open Studio workshops. The three annual signature events that anchor our work in Dufferin Grove are: Day of Delight (a juried multi-arts festival); our annual Summer Play (twenty-five original plays produced to date); and Night of Dread (a community parade and pageant). This is theatre of exaggeration, of giant puppetry, of satire and wit gone awry. This is a little theatre company asking big questions with humour and irreverence. This is Clay & Paper Theatre.